Why Fossacademy.org ?

Posted on Thu 26 May 2011 in community, Contribute, contributions, FOSS, social

After looking at Khanacademy.org and following it  for few months now with both on development and content front i am convinced that if education , especially Foss education has to be done it can be done this way.

i have been trolling  on sites  sites like ShowMeDo and Youtube for quite a long now , and they have come up in a very good way content wise. The two things which Khan has done which is a good thing is

1) Monitoring students learning experience in the forms of coach
2) Assessing the students in the forms of tests
3) Knowledge maps  yes some of it i have seen some time back on Gnowledge but it did serve the pupose of self paced learning and assessment.

to know about more features you can check out Khanacademy.org

Yes of course we cannot compare to the Sal Khan's passion and delivery mode which i think is unique of  every teacher in this world.

So why this post , yes i have started thinking on the lines of taking khanacademy.org code and making fossacademy.org with Foss content.

the content is going to come from the following sources

  • ShowMeDo

  • Youtube

  • Phpacademy

  • would like to add to the list more content sites as and when i start getting suggestions.

    for the folks who are interested in contributing and asking more questions i will be available on irc.freenode.net #fossacademy .