Who is a FOSS contributor and how her/his life should be celebrated

Posted on Fri 10 May 2013 in community, Education, FOSS, social

Over the last two decades i had the privilege  to learn and teach many people from the Foss community . one of the mantras i learned from Adempierecommunity especially from ` Redhuan D. Oon <http://red1.org/>`__ is where he defines and consolidates what a community means to him in three lines.


Information Is Free **... U HAVE 2 KNOW

People Are Not ... U HAVE 2 PAY

Contributors Are Priceless ... U HAVE 2 BE

i for one has been lucky in this life to meet and work with  more of the third kinds , today when we see the generation X ,  we see a Gap in the understanding of the spirit and the doubt towards what this is all about . i have decided to compile a book with these stories in order to encourage young students of genx as an inspiration to become  the third kinds. i am looking for people either themselves or  there stories of pains and pleasures to be documented for the next generations to come. do suggest me or get in touch with me if you want anyone from the community to be covered in this book.