What i have been upto last few months !!

Posted on Thu 07 November 2013 in community, Contribute, contributions, FOSS, hackathon, Opendata, Personal, privacy, python, social

Data.gov.in. is and was a fun place to work  the project in pursuit of an 'idea'  was conceived packed and delivered with a short time frame of May-August . Overall the takes from the projects are the team is amazing to work with , with in few days i was using the line "i work for a start up called data.gov.in"  the iterations were real quick and the energy levels were high. i managed to make tons of connect and good friends at the end of it all . All the projects in the final are posted here . Working on a final film on what has transpired in the programme.

Cryptoparties While we were doing the project with Delhi university there we also organized few crypto parties notably this one which was a nightout affair in IICDelhi university south campus , some more happened 

Software Freedom Day was organized in collaboration with sflc.in , one of the posts of the event from Hans Gogia is here , i am still awaiting for videos from this event.

Opensteps.org  Margo and Alex came calling on us here is a crisp report on what happened

Month of July was announced a Python month keeping in view the then upcoming Pycon Indiawe were able to do our bit by conducting 5 workshops in a month in various colleges in NCR .I have to miss the Pycon India this year due to the data.gov.in commitment , looking forward to attending one next year.

Now the things which i missed most in the last few months are my development on fossacademy.org , fossevents.in the summer training provided by durgapur linux users group.