Lets Teach our children to fail...

Posted on Wed 28 March 2012 in community, Contribute, contributions, FOSS, Personal, social, XO • Tagged with Education, Hack, OLPC, Startups

I am surprised by the way the society is moving especially the education system and our young tender years in school.Why do one has to be rewarded only for passing or not to fail ? Why is passing so important for ones well being because with that he does not ...

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OLPC @ Katha in Delhi

Posted on Mon 24 August 2009 in FOSS, OLPC, Sugar • Tagged with Education, ICT, Laptop, OLPC


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OLPC boot sequence

Posted on Fri 14 August 2009 in FOSS, OLPC, Sugar • Tagged with OLPC, XO

Tried booting OLPC from USB , OLPC has a security feature to not boot from external devices by default , it comes with a security lock , we can remove this by

a) Getting a Developer key
b) Flashing the firmware

The idea is to boot from USB device and run Ubuntu from ...

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