MOOC and Education

Posted on Mon 29 October 2012 in Contribute, Education, fossacademy • Tagged with GAE

Education and learning are terms used synonymously , i agree with Seymour Papert and the people who have been influenced over decades by his writings.

last few years i have been  seeing a lots of buzz around the word MOOC , just few years before the  term like  Elearning had a similar ...

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Fossacademy to do list

Posted on Tue 18 October 2011 in community, contributions, FOSS, fossacademy • Tagged with GAE, google app engine

For those of who do not know Fossacademy is a going to be a remix site of Khanacademy , well after a long hiatus i was able to understand how app works in Google App Engine, here is a list of things to do let me know if anyone wants to ...

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