Measuring Mobile Bandwidth in a Crowd sourced way ?

Posted on Wed 17 October 2012 in Cloud, community, Contribute, social

I have been dabbling with the idea of collating data from individuals using crowd sourced way in India. so far the only way i have seen is the by downloading and uploading a certain amount of data to the client and measuring it. The features i am looking at in my app are as follows

1) HTML 5 based : since it will run on all platforms , write once and run it anywhere

  1. Track the user ip for geocoding
  2. map the result in on a map : using leaflet library

Why am i a doing this ?

1) As a user we have seen many G's so far they are not reliable many times and we do not have a record of these services not working or in bad shape in some areas.

  1. Policy makers can take certain decisions based on this raw data.
  2. Mobile Companies can improve there services .

This website initially will be self funded later stage i will seek some funds from Govt , Companies or sources where they value these kind of interventions.

i in  talks with anders94 of  he has agreed in principle to help me. Still i am not clear what license his scripts are since he wrote it for bandwidthplace .

There has been many efforts like these in past notable ones are measurement lab , i found there tools to be outdated and use java applets . But the 6 Terabytes of hosted on Google big data can be accesed using Big query for free. The other interesting case was of the Opensignal to my surprise they actually got funded for 131 Millon dollars for this effort ,never imagined you can make money from people's effort.  BBC did a study of its own using some of the Opensignal Data and there own data to do a column studying the user base and the Signal strength.

Now coming back to my part i am looking at Node  as a serious tech in the whole thing in my building a page to collect the data.