Wanted Volunteer Transalators for Sugarlabs

Posted on Wed 28 September 2011 in FOSS, OLPC, Sugar

I am looking for translators in Sugar Labs especially in Hindi language, there is maintenance work if you are interested do write to me.

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OLPC @ Katha in Delhi

Posted on Mon 24 August 2009 in FOSS, OLPC, Sugar • Tagged with Education, ICT, Laptop, OLPC


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OLPC boot sequence

Posted on Fri 14 August 2009 in FOSS, OLPC, Sugar • Tagged with OLPC, XO

Tried booting OLPC from USB , OLPC has a security feature to not boot from external devices by default , it comes with a security lock , we can remove this by

a) Getting a Developer key
b) Flashing the firmware

The idea is to boot from USB device and run Ubuntu from ...

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