Ditching Pelican

Posted on Mon 28 May 2018 in FOSS,Personal

Will be testing Medium for a while since i am not updating the pelican based site that much lets see how this experiment goes you can read more stories here https://medium.com/@satyakam.dev

Delhi to Hyderabad by Road

Posted on Fri 14 March 2014 in trip • Tagged with travel

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What i have been upto last few months !!

Posted on Thu 07 November 2013 in community, Contribute, contributions, FOSS, hackathon, Opendata, Personal, privacy, python, social

Data.gov.in. is and was a fun place to work  the project in pursuit of an 'idea'  was conceived packed and delivered with a short time frame of May-August . Overall the takes from the projects are the team is amazing to work with , with in few days i was …

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Who is a FOSS contributor and how her/his life should be celebrated

Posted on Fri 10 May 2013 in community, Education, FOSS, social

Over the last two decades i had the privilege  to learn and teach many people from the Foss community . one of the mantras i learned from Adempierecommunity especially from ` Redhuan D. Oon <http://red1.org/>`__ is where he defines and consolidates what a community means to him in …

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Title : 12th plan Hackathon a report

Posted on Thu 11 April 2013 in community, hackathon, Opendata, social • Tagged with Hackathon

Planning Commision in Collaboration with NIC  especially the Data.gov.in  Team ( which is  setup according to the NDSAP guildelines)  organized a Hackathon to hack the 12th five year plan  for those of who are not aware like most of us Five years plans in India are economic blueprints  from …

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Datagov.in Hackathon for 12th Five Year Plan

Posted on Sun 31 March 2013 in hackathon, Opendata, social

Data.gov.in is organizing a Hackathon for 12th five year plan  .

all the sectors and datasets will be announced on 6th April ,   also the overall rules , the person  to talk to more about the queries would be one Ms Keerthika she can be reached on klkala at gmail.com …

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First bite of data.gov.in datasets

Posted on Tue 05 March 2013 in community, Contribute, contributions, FOSS, GIS, hackathon, Opendata, python

We turned up at the announced event through the facebook events page, had no clue who the organizers were and the place we were going to . The page just mentioned about telling stories with data. Staying with the open data community i had a clue of what was coming , but …

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Logos for Fossacademy.org

Posted on Tue 26 February 2013 in community, Contribute, contributions, FOSS, fossacademy, social

Few Logos i got from people around let me know which one of them you like through comments to this post.

logo1 logo3

Got the Logo Done for fossevents.in

Posted on Sat 24 November 2012 in community, Contribute, contributions, FOSS, social • Tagged with Community, Education


Got the above logo done by posting for a volunteer job on jobs.hasgeek.com , with in a  day of posting i got a very good response the best presentation and entry was from spurline , it had a concept too it said  " For me, FOSS events have always being about …

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Newcomer experience and contributor behavior in FOSS communities

Posted on Sat 17 November 2012 in community, Contribute, FOSS, social, Uncategorized • Tagged with Community, Contributions, Foss

Kevin Carillo: http://kevincarillo.org/  has come out with a Survey to measure Newcomer experience for people who have  joined and any  of the Debian, FreeBSD (including PC-BSD), GNOME, Gentoo, KDE, Mozilla, Ubuntu, NetBSD, or OpenSUSE** in last three years.

The survey is available .. _here: https://limesurvey.sim.vuw.ac …

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