Setting up the Dev environment and working on the Fork

Posted on Wed 01 June 2011 in community, Contribute, contributions, FOSS, fossacademy, python, social code is lying here Source , the link from here will point us to the Source Link i have checked and tried getting kinhg account looks like it a paid site and we need to pay after 45 days , my initial though before visiting this site was to branch and maintain a tree there itself looks like it is not as open as it claims. So the other option is to fork since the code is anyway licensed under BSD2 lincense .

We are going to maintain two Repos one of Khanacademy ( KA) and one of Fossacademy (FA) .

why maintain KA code , because initially when we start off as FA we will have just KA code but over time it is going to differ and change in ways , but also we will have some changes upstream in KA which we will be needing from time to time to fix bugs which must have already crept in.

yes it is a overhead we have to live with for the time being .

coming back to the FA we will be maintaining the code on Bitbucket , and everyone will pull from the stable FA and start maintaining the FA trunkc or fork they will be free to take the call .

on maintaining the dev environment , i found any variant of Eclipse to be a goodIDE to maintain the code , you are free to maintain any IDE/Editor you are comfortable with .

this video explains it all Setting Dev environmentusing eclipse .

i will be writing on the goals and specs for the project as we move along keep watching this space ...