OLPC Site visit

Posted on Sat 24 April 2010 in community, Contribute, contributions, FOSS, Netbook, OLPC, Sugar, XO

I was invited for a site visit of OLPC in Chennai India , Arani is town around 150 Kms from Chennai here is a route mapRoute Map , and pictures below

OLPC in Chennai

, overall the visit has been fruitful saw sugar @ work kids discovering and learning new things on there own , there were some 10 Xo's which attracted around 200 kids from in and around the village.

The weather was too hot and dry i did not feel the humidity like Chennai so suggested them to install water cooler . The most popular activities were Paint , Wikipedia , lack to Internet is something which needs to be looked into to get these kids talk out to the world.

on 20th the next day i visited one more school which is a govt school which is under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan programme of govt of India , here i learned about the ABL ( activity based learning ) which is similar to activity based in Sugar but it was more structured in the sense of the kid goes from one class to other after he has completed a set of activities in on subject or class. In this school the four XO's are provided the programme is schedule to begin after summer holidays.

things to be done in coming days , XO's need Sugar upgrade. Teachers need training , identify kids who can teach other kids , get Internet connection so that they can connect to the larger OLPC community .