Application of Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) In Science Teaching and Research

Posted on Sat 03 April 2010 in misc

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How does one Contribute to FOSS?

Posted on Mon 15 February 2010 in Contribute, FOSS

This is one question has been asked on the web and the young people i meet day in and day out. They are all educated and literati of this world , still they have this Question How? and sometimes Why?

i think it all starts with giving or so called sense …

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A gift for Myself!!

Posted on Tue 05 January 2010 in Benq, FOSS, Netbook, Ubuntu • Tagged with Android, Linpus

In spite of folks talking about not to buy Benq i bought myself a gift for New Year Joybook Lite U 121 Eco from Nehru Place, New Delhi.

Actually the itch has been going on for long after reading reviews on various mailing lists in India, it was evident that …

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Congrats to Everyone @ Adempiere 10,000 Commits Within Three Years!!!

Posted on Mon 24 August 2009 in Adempiere, contributions, Event, FOSS • Tagged with commit

Verbatim Mail from Carlos ....

Hi community,

Fifteen days before the third anniversary of our repository, this project arrived
to the commit 10.000, and Trifon had the honor to make it:
Thanks to the 56 committers that have made this …

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OLPC @ Katha in Delhi

Posted on Mon 24 August 2009 in FOSS, OLPC, Sugar • Tagged with Education, ICT, Laptop, OLPC


OLPC boot sequence

Posted on Fri 14 August 2009 in FOSS, OLPC, Sugar • Tagged with OLPC, XO

Tried booting OLPC from USB , OLPC has a security feature to not boot from external devices by default , it comes with a security lock , we can remove this by

a) Getting a Developer key
b) Flashing the firmware

The idea is to boot from USB device and run Ubuntu from …

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Adempiere , Asterisk and Ekiga

Posted on Mon 08 June 2009 in Adempiere, Ekiga, Sip • Tagged with Sip, Voip

Michael Judd setup an asterisk system for adempiere community to use. once the accounts for people are created you can access it using a voip softphone or a hard phone.

With the service we can currently conference, and call extensions for free. Mike have the servers located in data centre …

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Posted on Thu 04 June 2009 in python, tips • Tagged with python

When you use Python interactively, it is frequently handy to have some standard commands executed every time the interpreter is started. You can do this by setting an environment variable named PYTHONSTARTUP to the name of a file containing your start-up commands. This is similar to the .profile feature of …

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Posted on Fri 29 May 2009 in Adempiere, FOSS, SCM

Red1 asked on the Adempiere forum is shifting to GIT from SVN a good idea , i think it is here is why?
local , distributed, branched ,small , fast, staging area..... more on whygitisbetterthanx

Nominate Adempiere for Best Community Project Award

Posted on Mon 11 May 2009 in Adempiere

Show your support for the FOSS projects you use and love by nominating them for Community Choice Awards.