Posted on Mon 07 February 2011 in community, Contribute, Event, FOSS, social, Uncategorized

off late things have become busy , not that you the reader are idealing and reading this post of mine out or boredom or drudgery, is coming up nicely , it has been lying dormant for almost a year now it has seen some day of the light thanks to the support from community .

my vision of was only one and when we started , i was away from organizing and running community activities for long and when i came back i see the landscape has totally changed , there are events happening all around you and you are not aware of the event which could be happening right there in your neighbourhood.

my definition of an event is anything which is related to foss it can be workshop, meeting , hackathons, training programs actually this was not my idea of calling an foss event an event but slowly i realized that these events are in no way less or more than others so they deserve a mention on .