Events Application of Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) In Science Teaching and Research

Posted on Tue 20 April 2010 in contributions, FOSS, workshop

The day started with my car tyre goin flat , tried taking friends his car won't start , some how i reached the event by chaging two autos from my place.

By the time i was there the event was in full swing , Saini introducing foss concepts and Ubuntu desktop , there were around 60 + participants from colleges across Delhi. Overall a diverse group of teachers from Chemistry , Biology, Physics and Matematics.

the Event venue as announced earlier was Acharya Narendra Dev College (University of Delhi) and the theme was
Application of Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) In Science Teaching and Research.

Day 1

Inaguration with lighting of the lamp , people present on the dias , Prof Krishnan , Mrs Latha , official from DIT
after the brief speech from Prof Krishnan and .... the Saini took over and explained the desktop , then i explained the installation to the audience. Prof Tabish Explained about Scilab , then all the group from the mail auditorium dispersed to the individual labs . The Chemistry sessions were taken by Arun Luz which covered tools like Bkchem, xdrawchem,pymol,chemtool the Physics and mathematics sessions were taken by Tabish , Lekha, Asad and Myself , we covered topics like Latex, Gnuplot, Gamgi Phoenix kit, Sage, scilab and R-Commander.

The bilogy session were taken by G Ramesh covering Pymol, perl premier, melting temp, chemtool in computer science sanjeev saini covered lamp

The most popular of them was Biology and Chemistry to our surprise , the least was the mathematics and computer science track.

all the labs were assisted by Lab in charge Godfrey, Prabhakaran, Choudhary, Gopalsivam .

Day two ended with vote of thanks by Subash from Andc and Dr Savitri Singh spoke about her pet project , the event concluded with distribution of certificates.

Here are some pictures from the event enjoy