Changing Socially active definitions

Posted on Sun 02 January 2011 in community, FOSS, social

You twit N times a day , when you meet people you ask Are you on FaceBook , Linked in , or any of the social networking sites , do you make friends then meet or friend is just a number game for you , are these social networking sites really helping the Family and society as a unit together or its just an extension to say hi to everyone and giving updates on status of your social well being ? is FB just an extension to good old community living or just a way to survive in a  world where connecting and meeting folks on FB is just an easy way that  you have accepted and want to continue. What is your  the definition of being socially active ?

What happened to the good old Sarai's and community programs do they still exist or taken a new avatar and use FaceBook as only a platform , what happened to our good old Linux Users Groups LUG's are they thriving because of a New tool in the form of social networking sites or they just don't exist anymore , or they have lost somewhere in middle in all the noise try to to find a meaning of Community .

I think the FOSS as a technology has matured enough and has been embraced  by industry, and the level of bifurcation or so called specialization has reached  a stage  where in we need specific users groups like firefox , open office , Coders,Admins , Activist so on and so forth , i see too  poping up and discussusions floating around on  LUG mailing lists  about have jquery or Drupal/Wordpress sessions actually Jermy allision and chris di bona talks about this phenomenon in this video  too. I see this phenomenon happening in India also  .

So the meaning of being social or community is getting into  smaller groups with focus on few things and more towards mechanization of something like assembly like with folks doing smaller tasks in big numbers and other things like Internet , distributions , email , irc , FaceBook will be taken granted for that they will not be meeting too often physically untill and unless some project demands.