Change is certain what about you!

Posted on Mon 23 February 2009 in Event, FOSS, Personal

After attending the #WCI met and heard many pro bloggers and developers from the field of blogging , the guy who really was impressive was OM of gigaom fame. He was too good after listening to him and learning from his kind words i have decided to change the line on my Blog from [STRIKEOUT:Change is certain what is your Foss Startegy!!] to Change is Certain what about You!! sounds easy and makes it more personal .

Yes my take on the event #WCI is , it met my expectations and i was more than happy to meet new faces and understand there issues  with respect to development,legal and start up point of view. Hope to be more active and try to contribute to it in future!!

Right now got to get back to setting my Page and playing with plethora of plugins WP has to offer, i am a newbie to the blogging world do write about the mistakes i am doing while writing or otherwise ....