A gift for Myself!!

Posted on Tue 05 January 2010 in Benq, FOSS, Netbook, Ubuntu

In spite of folks talking about not to buy Benq i bought myself a gift for New Year Joybook Lite U 121 Eco from Nehru Place, New Delhi.

Actually the itch has been going on for long after reading reviews on various mailing lists in India, it was evident that finding a Netbook with GNU/Linux installed would be a tough bargain.

I had an eye on Acer One D250 for long. But it was a no no after reading this presentation by Matt Porter

i strongly recommend for all the mobile developers to consider reading this before diving into the Android way of undoing things.

ok coming back to the story of why Benq all in the world , since Acer was already ruled out and Asus had some good recommendations , Benq was definitely was not on the list.

had a look at the two Joy Book models one was with smaller screen and lesser hard disk space , the other was recommended by the marketing guy as it came with Linpus .

Linpus still does not connect me to the Net , i called up there office had to go round in circles aka musical chairs, but still i wanted to taste first hand reasons why folks don't make GNU/Linux based Netbooks or Laptops.

The answer i suppose is a well know one in FOSS world "Support" , i am still exploring and finding how the OEM is tied to Linpus and what support aggrement i am entitled to.

in the meantime i did not want to install any other OS and get online ASAP since i am still exploring and expecting some form of decent support from the Vendor ;-( , more on that later...

In the meantime i had a liveusb with Ubuntu 9.10 to test the wifi, it too does not work out of the box , i got it working working by inserting rt kernel module.

$sudo su -
#modprobe rt3070sta

enabled the network by pressing function key and F10