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Got the Logo Done for fossevents.in


Got the above logo done by posting for a volunteer job on jobs.hasgeek.com , with in a  day of posting i got a very good response the best presentation and entry was from spurline , it had a concept too it said  ” For me, FOSS events have always being about getting introduced to new area of learning. Its about ‘seeing the light’… ” , thanks Hasgeek and Spurline for making this happen.

Lets Teach our children to fail…

I am surprised by the way the society is moving especially the education system and our young tender years in school.Why do one has to be rewarded only for passing or not to fail ? Why is passing so important for ones well being because with that he does not learn much while one fails he learns a lot. Why are kids who experiment and hence commit mistakes  abhored as wrong when what they are doing is at least trying .

The same pattern emerges when we grow up into young adults where being sucessful becomes so obessesive that people go to any length to be so called  succesful , what i am saying is it’s not bad to be desiring for sucess but the way it’s played out is not ok . We as a society has laid a wrong precident in the young minds trying to so impinging our values and belief systems on them and how to fail is bad and sucess is the only way to Learn .

Every Kid in this world has a moral right to fail because that’s the only way we Humans learn if you stop that i think it’s an impediment to ones learning process and ultimately shows about the society and times we are living in , where in the name of competition Students are under tremendous pressure and loose the whole point of Learning.

So learning to fail and learning from failing should be our motto… think


Free/Open Source Software (FOSS): Awareness and Possibilities

Acharya Narendra Dev College (University of Delhi)
in association with NRCFOSS*, Anna University Chennai organises a Seminar
Free/Open Source Software (FOSS): Awareness and Possibilities

Date: 16th April 2010 Venue: University of Delhi South Campus
Time: 9: 30 a.m to 4: 30 p.m Benito Juarez Marg, New Delhi ­ 110 021

The seminar envisages to introduce participants to myriad possibilities of FOSS in everyday
computing and academia. Besides introductory awareness of FOSS, hands­on sessions to include
software installation and applications Participation is encouraged from all disciplines with or without knowledge of FOSS Registration is free and on a first­come first­serve basis For registration contact Mr. Jatin Lamba at 26294542 or email us at workshop.andc@ gmail.com Last date of registration: 12th April 2010
Coordinators: Savithri Singh (ANDC), Sanjeev Singh (IIC, UDSC), C. N. Krishnan (NRCFOSS)

*National Resource Centre for Free/Open Source` Software (NRCFOSS) is a multi­institutional Project funded by
the Dept. of Inf. Tech., Ministry of Comm. & Inf. Tech., Government of India ­ http://nrcfoss.org.in/. This workshop
is being organised jointly with NRCFOSS at AU­KBC Research Centre, Anna University Chennai –


OLPC @ Katha in Delhi